Select Public Adjusters, LLC. have many years of experience and are qualified, licensed, and insured public adjusters in the South Florida region that represent the interest of the policyholder only, for residential, condo associations & commercial claims.  Some types of claims that we handle are water/mold damage, flood damage, fire/smoke damage, hurricane/wind damage, lightning damage, vandalism/theft, business interruption etc...  Our mission is to help homeowners and business owners receive the maximum money possible from their insurance claims.  We have an extensive network of general contractors, engineers, mold remediators, water restorations, and attorneys to help in obtaining the maximum value of your claim.

Insurance companies will not fully represent your interests. If you submit the claim yourself you can be sure that the interests of the insurance company will come first. This is not out of the ordinary, this is just business.  The less they pay you, the more assets the insurance company retains for its stockholders. Be assured that if an offer is made, it will, in most cases, be less than you are rightfully entitled to. Remember, the insurance company’s personnel are paid to protect the interests of the insurance company and not yours.

Please call us at 954-638-6111, if you have suffered any property damage to ensure you don’t have to go through another disaster with your insurance company.

Select Public Adjusters, LLC
Licensed & Bonded in Florida